Jordan Pavilion Expo 2000

Location: Hanover - Germany

Status: Temporary Structure for the duration of the Expo 2000

Client: The Jordanian Government

OMB was part of the Design Team of the National Coommittee for the Expo 2000 in Hanover, Germany through the presence of its main architect as a member of the Design Team as well as heading and participating in many committees that made this National accomplishment a great success.

OMB was commissioned the design development stage in cooperation with Wolfgang Rang atelier in Frankfurt; supervising the construction of the pavilion was also part of the tasks which were given to its main architect and engineer.

Under the main theme of Expo 2000 "Humankind, Nature and Technology", the Jordan Pavilion displayed a 3D mosaic of Jordan's demography, nature and local technologies. it represented an open air exhibition space that allowed the visitors to roam around it discovering Jordan by watching, touching, listening, smelling and even tasting Jordan.

Jordan Pavilion Expo 2000 Images

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