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Private House

    Abdoun Private Villa    Abdoun Apartment    Abdoun Rooftop Apartment

Photo credit to OMB 

OMB was established in 1953 by Eng. Jamil Salman Zureikat as Modern Buildings Bureau, and was  registered at the Jordanian Engineers Association as the fourth engineering office in Jordan. In 1992 the  office was re-registered as Office for Modern Buildings (OMB) by Bisher and Hana J. Zureikat, who followed the footsteps of their father in creating works of architecture that make a positive impact on the lives of their users by incorporating the latest developments, technologies and  trends, maintaining OMB a leading edge in the field. 

OMB has many years of diverse experiences in architecture, interior design, engineering, renovation and other relevant areas of design and consulting services. OMB was one of the very few firms that adressed passive design and energy efficient buildings by winning a prize in a competition organized by the Jordan Association of Engineers in 2009 for "The Best Environment Friendly Building"; the managing partner of OMB, architect Bisher Zureikat was a part of the architectural and engineering design team that designed the first "Solar House" in Jordan in the year 1982 at the Royal Scientific Society.

OMB excels in its focus on detail, the accuracy of its product and the refinement of the interior spaces that compliment architecture and make it an inside outside experience. The quality control that takes place before drawings are released for construction are not only a way of seeking perfection but a practical tool that saves the clients of OMB money and time and protects them from unnecessary variations and changes during construction.

Our team of expert architects, interior designers and engineers work together in a harmonious and professional way to provide our clientel with the best design, supervision and other professional services that a consulting firm can offer.